Drying of poultry manure

Drying of poultry manure.

Poultry manure is a commonly dried product. The manure coming directly from the farms is deposited on the feed conveyor placed on top of the front of the drying tunnel. By using airflow, moisture is absorbed from the manure. Depending on how many layers the drying tunnel has, the manure is transported across the layers. When the dry manure falls off the bottom drying layer, it is transported out of the machine by an auger.

Dosing poultry manure

There are several ways to dose the product on the dryer. For poultry manure, a swing conveyor is used that doses the product airily and evenly onto the plates.

Processing dried manure

Strocon offers the opportunity to make a valuable product form the dried manure. The pelleting machine is used to process the dried manure into pellets.

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Solid design

The latest generation of drying tunnels are made of stainless steel and of industrial quality. Corrosion caused by ammonia or acids is thus prevented and a long service life is guaranteed. Strocon's years of experience have resulted in a durable drying tunnel.

The unique rail system ensures very low friction, partly because of this it is possible to make tunnels of 50 meters in length. The planetary drive is directly connected to the shaft and pulls the perforated sheets forward via an industrial chain. This direct drive combined with the forced tilt is maintenance-free.

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